Fossile #Paris

Fossile #Paris
Adoka Niitsu, Fossile #Paris, 2019
Silicone molding of Fossils from buildings of Paris, Glass plate with locational information code of GPS and Address of Paris, Neon
Fossile #Paris Fossile #Paris Fossile #Paris Fossile #Paris Fossile #Paris
Adoka Niitsu, Fossile #Paris, 2019
Installation view of exhibition "Future Mythology Diaries" at Gallery of the Cité internationale des arts, Paris. June 20 - July 13, 2019. Photograph by © Adoka Niitsu. Seconde Photo with visiters Photograph by ©Naoe Baba

Fossile #Paris Fossile #Paris
Adoka Niitsu, Fossile #Paris: Photo Book, 2019
Argentic photo paper, 30 x 30 cm, 26 pages, Limited Edition, 2019, Adoka Niitsu. Photograph by © Naoe Baba
Document Video, 2min31sec.

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Fossile #Paris

"Fossil # Paris" is a project that focuses on the shell fossils of which the old Parisian buildings keep the imprint.

Paris was occupied by a tropical sea 45 million years ago.

"A wide variety of sediments are present in Paris, providing large quantities of building materials since antiquity, from sand, sandstone, clay and gypsum. Yet it is indeed the Lutetian limestone, known as the 'Paris stone,' that provided the bulk of building stone until the early 20th century." *s Catacombes

Since 2017, I've been looking for these fossils in every small street, every time my eyes keep attention on a wall. On facades, floors, stairs and pillars are still visible small fossil holes. When I find them, I cast them with silicone, photograph the buildings where they are located and then note their locational information code of GPS.

During an exhibition, my collection of casts is presented on a glass plate where the addresses and GPS positions are indicated together.

In the age of the instantaneous and climate change, this work invites us to feel the accumulation of time, where paleontology and urbanism mingle in a vast ocean. Visitors rediscover the past of the city of Paris and of the planet, sculpted in architecture, and thus project themselves with a greater spiritual perspective towards the future.